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I decided to write a post on this topic after seeing how much interest there was for it on Twitter. I ran a poll the other day and as you can see from the results below, this option was the winner. Be sure to follow my Twitter as I will be hosting more polls and would love to know which posts you’d like to see in the future.

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So here it goes…. I watched all these shows on Netflix, some multiple times in fact. Let me know which shows you love, hate or haven’t watched yet! The following list is in no particular order.


the office

 I mean, how can someone NOT love this show?! The characters are hilariously awkward,     particularly Michael, and the office dynamic is incredible. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve watch every single season, and I think it’s becoming more of a problem. Nevertheless, this is one show that you must watch if you have yet to watch it. Dwight Schrute and Creed Bratton are my favourite characters, they’re too funny!  


friends logo

This is the kind of show I watch when I’m feeling sad or stressed. It brightens up my day and makes me laugh so much. I’m sitting here watching it right now with my best friend, Rafia (instablog), while I write this post. I’ve got to say, Joey is my favourite character in this show; mainly due to his humour and how much he loves food. I know a lot of people have watched this show, and love it as well.


breaking bad

What. A. Show. The actors are incredible, the plot is so intriguing and you cannot stop watching this show once you start. I remember watching it a few years back and I think I binge-watched it. I couldn’t get enough of it. It was interesting seeing how the main character transformed throughout the show; but I won’t give anything away, you’ll have to watch it for yourself if you have yet to do so.


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This American crime show is based off a book written in 1995, and after watching this show, I put the book on hold at the library right away. The first season just recently went up on Netflix! It is such a well produced, well acted show that most definitely exceeded my expectations. I remember watching the trailer for it and was so excited, as I am taking a criminological theory course at the moment, and I felt as though I could connect my coursework with the show. Needless to say, this show was absolutely fabulous and intense, and I cannot wait for the next season to be released.


prison break

I decided to watch Prison Break a while back when a friend recommended it to me. It’s a fabulous show about an intelligent man trying to break his brother out of prison. Obviously, there’s so much more to the show than just this. Let me know if you’ve watched this show, or if you’re planning on watching it sometime soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading! 

(All above TV show images from WikiMedia through Google Images)

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Author: El

Hi there, I'm El! I am currently in university studying history and criminology. I absolutely love coffee, photography, blogging, hiking, and reading. I take a lot of pride in ensuring my blog is of high quality and that the content is something that people will genuinely enjoy reading. Please leave a comment on any one of my posts, I truly appreciate it!

44 thoughts on “My All-Time Favourite Shows”

  1. I haven’t actually watched any of these but I have heard so much about them! I’ve just finished Season 2 of Stranger Things so will now move on to one of these… excited! x

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  2. My bf and I fall asleep to the office every night!! Lol these are some good choices I just started breaking bad the other day because I’m always hearing so much about it! I’m only 3 or so episodes in I’m not going to watch it quickly just an episode here and there lol

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  3. I haven’t seen the office but I’ve heard so many good things about it! I LOVE breaking bad! I would defo recommend for you to watch riverdale, Grimm and once upon a time if you haven’t already! Xx

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  4. I like the office, never had a chNce to wat h toonmu h of it though, the episodes I have watched were hilarious. I absolutely love watching friends. I grew up watching this on tv….phoebe was my Favorite character. It is definitely a good show to watch if you need a laugh!

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  5. Probably one of my favourite posts!

    You and The Office are a problem, you need to stop! It’s hilarious that you still laugh at every joke even after you watched it 1000000 times! 😂
    I found it so boring in the beginning, like the first few episodes were REALLY blahhh, but now I love it!

    FRIENDS! ❤️ My absolute favourite show – you know it. It’s a classic.

    I want to watch Mind Hunter, seems interesting. I’ve gotten into criminology type of stuff ever since I started watching those documentaries you recommend a while back. But you also know I can never stay committed to a TV with long storylines. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you bff ❤️
      The Office is so good, I just watched a bunch of episodes again today, hahaha!

      You love Friends SOOOO much heheh

      Yeah the storyline in Mindhunter is a little long, however the season itself doesn’t have that many episodes (I believe it’s 10 episodes). Let me know if you ever check it out 🙂

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  6. I love Friends! It’s honestly one of my favourite shows, I can watch it over and over again and never get bored of it. I’m obsessed with Netflix Originals at the moment as well, I love Stranger Things and Riverdale. And I adore Gilmore Girls.

    Julia xx

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    1. Honestly, I watched the US one first and then watched the UK one. I personally thought that the US one was funnier, but that may just be because I love Rainn Wilson hahaha ☺️

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  7. The only one I’ve watched is Friends, a classic which I love! Heard a lot of great things about Prison Break & hope to watch it someday soon 🙂

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  8. YES FOR FRIENDS! It is one of the greatest shows out there. I hate every time I get to the very last episode, it feels horrible haha! But then it stars all over again, so I am ok again 😀

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  9. Ooooo Prison Break sounds really interesting! I’ve watched Friends and some of The Office. I only managed to watch the first episode of Breaking Bad (I didn’t seem to like it very much?!) but I might give it another try soon as there are so many people who say it’s amazing and only gets better!
    Marie x

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  10. I have watched all of the office and friends via netflix, but haven’t seen the other 3 of your favorites. I was debating starting Friends over from episode one just the other day 😂

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  11. Oh you love Prison Break too?! I adore that show.
    The Office and Friends are amazing choices too.
    I’ve never seen Mind hunters and I couldn’t stomach breaking Bad after the 3rd episode.
    Great choices though

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  12. Hey El, great blog! Who doesn’t love Netflix? Friends was one of my favorite shows growing up, and throughout high school I loved the office! I tend not to watch prison shows/movies just because I used to be a corrections officer, and I’d rather not relive those moments haha. I have yet to see Breaking Bad or Mindhunter, so I will have to give those a try! Thank you for sharing!

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