Sunday Post

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme by The Caffeinated Book Reviewer in which bloggers are able to share news and happenings in their lives on their blog. This idea is fantastic and I look forward to participating in this in the future as well. 

What an amazing week it has been! I’ve been ever so busy with volunteer and job training, reading, blogging and exploring my lovely city. I went to the T-dot with my best friend, and her blog can be found at Rafia Tasneem! She is the very talented photographer who took all the amazing food pictures you will be seeing in this post! Go and check her blog out!

I went to downtown Toronto and did some exploring, as well as consuming some amazing food. Below are some pictures I took of the lovely high-rise glass buildings, and the CN Tower.

When it comes to the food in downtown Toronto, it is honestly insane! We went to a cute café and I got the most amazing rainbow latté! Look at how beautiful it looks, as seen below. Not only did it look so pretty, it was actually so delicious. My friend got an iced mocha, and although these drinks were pricey, they were more than worth it!

For lunch we went to a restaurant that serves Mexican street food and it was INCREDIBLE! We got two tacos with corn chips, and tortilla chips with queso. The restaurant also had a wide array of dips and hot sauces that you can add to your meal, free of cost. I really liked this addition because there was a lot of choice to make your meal even more delicious. This place is SO affordable! For all of the things we got (as seen in the picture below), we only spent a total of fourteen Canadian dollars. It. was. insanity. I will definitely be going back soon!


For dessert we got a cappuccino and a Nutella bombolone (Italian donut) from another cute café. We were planning on getting ice cream from a super fancy dessert place, but unfortunately the walk to get there was a good forty-five minutes and the weather wasn’t the best, so we settled with my favourite café(s)! We got the bombolone and cappuccino from two different places. Scope the pictures below! 

As I’m writing this post, I am SO tired! I came back from the first orientation event that I’ve been training for! Thankfully, it was a success and now I’m ready to just relax and recoup. I’m excited to do a bit of reading and Netflix-watching. Hope you all enjoyed this post, and I hope you all had a fabulous week too!


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