Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris

Behind Closed Doors was truly a captivating novel. It hooks you from the start and doesn’t let go. It leaves you speechless. B. A. Paris once again wrote a novel that made me stay up late at night to read! It is a very well-written mystery thriller with lots of twists and turns that make it all the more exciting and it honestly messes with your mind, as it’s quite horrifying! The book is written in such a way that the chapters switch between the past and present of the married couple’s relationship, and it flows quite nicely. I honestly don’t know how to write a summary for this novel without spoiling it, but nevertheless, I’ll give it a go. 

The story begins at a dinner party hosted by Jack, a successful lawyer who has never lost a case and his wife, Grace, who is a stunning, gentle home-maker. To the outside world, they have the perfect life as they live in a beautiful house and they go on vacation often, and it also seems as though they have the perfect marriage, but looks can be deceiving, as we all know. Why are Jack and Grace inseparable? Why does Grace not have her own cellphone? Why does she not have a job, even though she is a very intelligent woman? 

I found that I did not have to read between the lines to understand what was going on in the book because everything was black and white, or in other words, it was unambiguous. However, this led me to believe that some parts of the book lacked depth, and I kind of wished that there was more to the conclusion of the book, which was my only issue with this novel.

Other than that, I had high expectations for this book after reading The Breakdown by B. A. Paris, and I’m happy to say that my expectations were met! Great novel, by a very talented writer! I know my review is rather short for this one, but honestly, all I can say is that if you’re into psychological thrillers, this one is for you! Let me know if you end up reading this one or if you have already read it!

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The Breakdown by B. A. Paris (NetGalley)


My oh my, what a book! The Breakdown by B. A. Paris was such a suspenseful read that I found myself staying up until the late hours of the night with my eyes glued to my Kindle. I honestly cannot get over how intriguing this book was! I got the chance to read an advanced digital copy through NetGalley, and I would like to extend a huge thank you to St. Martins Press for approving my request to read this book.  

I have yet to read Behind Closed Doors by B. A. Paris (although it is the next book on my TBR, so stay tuned for a review coming very soon), but I must say The Breakdown truly impressed me. I would say that I’ll take a break from reading after one chapter ends, but I later realized that I’d read multiple chapters, with no intention of stopping. That just goes to show how gripping this novel is! Now, let’s get a bit into what the book is about! 

This novel follows Cassandra Anderson, a married woman, who feels guilty for not stopping and helping a motorist, whom she saw on the side of the road one stormy night. Would you stop on the side of a secluded road to help someone who was sitting in their unmoving car in the middle of a thunderstorm? Well, Cassandra does not stop, out of fear that it may be a trap and someone will steal her car or worse, but once she finds out, on the news, that this motorist was actually murdered that same night on the same side of the road, she feels incredibly guilty and responsible for the woman’s murder. 

Ever since the murder, Cassandra starts having problems. She keeps thinking about that stormy night, yet she also begins forgetting things such as where she parked her car, and what she bought from the online shopping channel, as well as the dates on which she said she would meet up with her friends for dinner. At first, I found her forgetfulness to become quite repetitive and rather annoying, but I later came to find out the reason as to why she is forgetting all these things, and that is when I no longer found it repetitive. The book began to get really interesting once she started receiving calls from a silent caller! Although, I would have to say that right from the start, The Breakdown is fast-paced and can easily be read within a couple of days.

B. A. Paris, the author, did a wonderful job describing certain scenes of the novel that I could actually clearly picture exactly what was going on. I find this to be incredibly important as I want to be able to feel like I genuinely know the characters, and what’s going on in their lives. Additionally, I found the characters in The Breakdown to be amazingly captivating, which added immensely to the storyline. 

I shouldn’t say more because I’ll give away too much of this book! Let me just say that you will NOT expect the ending at all!!! It will literally leave you speechless! Everything comes together at the end, and I’m still thinking about the novel, hours after I read the last page.

So clearly, I highly recommend this novel! It was just published yesterday (July 18th, 2017), so you must get your hands on a copy whenever you can! Please leave a comment regarding what you thought of this book! I would love to discuss it, and thanks for stopping by!

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