I want to visit…….

In this post I will be talking about a place I would love to visit. I chose this topic to write about because I ran a poll on my Twitter, and this topic was the winning option (as seen below). Be sure to go and follow it because I will be hosting more polls on which blog posts you’d like to see me post! Now, onto the topic of the day…..

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 12.19.14 AMBALI, INDONESIA

I remember seeing a picture of a beach in Bali on my Instagram discover feed and I honestly fell in love. Bali looks like such a beautiful place and I truly hope I get to visit this amazing island one day.   

I have yet to visit anywhere ‘tropical’, which in my mind is some place that has white sand, turquoise blue waters and fabulous weather. I can just imagine myself sitting on the beach, sipping on some kind of tropical drink and taking in the beauty of Bali. What a dream! I love how Bali has a mix of  greenery, as well as pristine beaches! There are many high-end resorts in Bali as well, which will most definitely make the trip there even more memorable!

Have any of you been to Bali? If so, how did you like it? I cannot wait to go there one day! 

Where would you like to visit?


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Author: El

Hi there, I'm El! I am currently in university studying history and criminology. I absolutely love coffee, photography, blogging, hiking, and reading. I take a lot of pride in ensuring my blog is of high quality and that the content is something that people will genuinely enjoy reading. Please leave a comment on any one of my posts, I truly appreciate it!

10 thoughts on “I want to visit…….”

  1. I haven’t been to Bali but a lot of people I know have, and they absolutely love it 🙂 It’s almost ‘local’ for me, though I wouldn’t go (I lived next door to Indonesia when I was a kid and hate the tropics lol) it is a very beautiful part of the world.


  2. I’ve seen a few travel vlogs on YouTube that take place in Bali. It does look amazing! I want to visit Amsterdam next.


  3. I’ve never been to Bali, but I would love to sometime in the future! It just reaps pure luxury, peacefulness and bliss.
    Such a shame I’m writing this as it is raining like mad outside! Oh how I miss summer!
    I’d love to visit Thailand, I know a lot of people visit it for a drinking holiday, but I really just want to go backpacking and do things I simply cannot do on holiday in Europe, like ride an Elephant!

    Great post!
    Carly xx


  4. Yes, Indonesia is up there on my list, but I don’t have close to enough money to leave the European continent for now.


  5. Sounds fab! I have so many places on my list ATM.
    I’ve not traveled in so so long but I’m hoping next year to head to Italy. Mainly Rome but hopefully mark off Florence and more…

    Shona Marie xo


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