Cannot Wait Wednesday!!!

Can’t Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely Wishful Endings! This is where bloggers discuss the books that they’re excited to read, as well as those that are not yet published. This meme is a great way to inform others of books that are yet to be released, and to hype the books up!

With university just about to start, I believe it’s time to get my TBR list for the school year ready. I know that I will most definitely not have enough time to read a book or more per week, as I was able to do during the summer break, but now I am hoping to read a minimum of a book a month. Even this goal may be too far-fetched, what with all the readings and studying I’ll be doing, but I will definitely try!

I just came across this novel called Close to Home by Robert Dugoni, and it sounds pretty awesome. It’ll be published on September 5th, 2017, so we’re nearly there! The following summary was taken from Goodreads!

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 11.02.02 PM

“While investigating the hit-and-run death of a young boy, Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite makes a startling discovery: the suspect is an active-duty serviceman at a local naval base. After a key piece of case evidence goes missing, he is cleared of charges in a military court. But Tracy knows she can’t turn her back on this kind of injustice.

When she uncovers the driver’s ties to a rash of recent heroin overdoses in the city, she realizes that this isn’t just a case of the military protecting its own. It runs much deeper than that, and the accused wasn’t acting alone. For Tracy, it’s all hitting very close to home.

As Tracy moves closer to uncovering the truth behind this insidious conspiracy, she’s putting herself in harm’s way. And the only people she can rely on to make it out alive might be those she can no longer trust.” (Goodreads)

What do you all make of this summary? Is it something you’d be interested in reading? Feel free to link your CWW post below! 


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Author: El

Hi there, I'm El! I am currently in university studying history and criminology. I absolutely love coffee, photography, blogging, hiking, and reading. I take a lot of pride in ensuring my blog is of high quality and that the content is something that people will genuinely enjoy reading. Please leave a comment on any one of my posts, I truly appreciate it!

7 thoughts on “Cannot Wait Wednesday!!!”

  1. On the surface of this blurb, I don’t know if I’d pick this particular one up in the series, but since it’s book 5, I think I’d actually try and go for book 1 to understand Tracy more and whether I should continue with it because this blurb is skimpy on who Tracy is, and I think I’d like to get to know her more. Also — thank you for the introduction to a new series for me!


  2. This sounds really good! I haven’t read anything by Dugoni before, but I know the name.

    Good luck with your studies!


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